Privacy Policy

As Agamoda, we respect your rights of privacy.
You can find the explanations regarding safety of your personal data.

1- Gathering, Processing and Usage of Personal Data

We are using Google Analytics service to track our visitor traffic. During your visit to our site, statistical data records will be automatically stored on our servers. Among this data, your ISP’s name, your IP address, OS of your accessing medium, redirecting web sites, your visits to other sites while viewing our site, search words used to locate our site etc. Are recorded. Since this kind of data is usable only anonymously, these records are not used of purposes other than statistical analyses, and your privacy is not violated.

2- Usage of Cookies

In order to improve visitor experience and better accessibility, we are using cookies on our site. Cookies are small text files sent to your browser from the server while visiting a web site. Since these are not executable files, they pose no risk for your computer. Cookies do not contain personal data, and cannot be used for identifying the visitors. Cookies generally embody a unique generator, and this generator is a random number stored on your device. While some of them are immediately removed as you exit from the site, some of the are recorded for a longer period. These actions are duly done under the visitor’s permission, and are totally blockable by adjusting your browser’s settings.

3- External Connections and Limited Liability

Our web site may contain redirecting links, services and banners that address other sites. Visitor should pay attention while visiting these sites. Agamoda is not responsible for transactions and privacy policies of these sites.

4- Changes in Privacy Policy

As new features are added or feedback from visitors are processed, our privacy policy may change without prior notice. Agamoda reserves the right to make such changes. Thus, we strongly recommend you to review the privacy policy frequently during your visits to our site.

5- Contact Us

You can share your questions or thoughts regarding the privacy policy applied on our web site through mailbox.